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About Snazzy Sphynx Cattery
Snazzy Sphynx Cattery is a small CFA cattery in Macon, Georgia. We are very proud of our Sphynx and consider them to be family members not pets!  We treat every customer as part of our family. When a Sphynx leaves for their new home, we are there to continue to offer guidance as they begin their new life .  Our Sphynx are raised in a home environment and their personalities are unique. We encourage our new Sphynx owners to stay active in doing HCM Scans, Regular Vet Checks and giving their little ones lots of attention and love.  Sphynx babies will give back more love than you can imagine along with lots of entertainment! 
have always loved all animals, especially unique ones. I remember having all sorts of unique animals in our household such as Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Dogs and Cats. My father was a Master Falconer and Vet Technician and helped to shape my love and respect for all animals. It was not unusual to stop by our house and see an Eagle in the living room. 

Once you have obtained a Sphynx, you will see they are very unusual and unique!

Now I am engaged in helping to bring awareness and promote a healthy strong Sphynx Breed. Our Sphynx are raised in our home which is a loving environment.

Committed to helping our customers find their special Sphynx!
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Remember Sphynx need Vitamins and Supplements... at SnazzySphynxCattery.
We love Kitty Bloom Vitamins and Supplements.
Lets Talk Litter Boxes..

At SnazzySphynxCattery we have been using the Litter-Robot Open Air III and are loving these litter boxes. They save litter... time and really the Sphynx are loving them. Even has a night light in it. 

Check them out.. and if you purchase one use our link to Redeem your $25 off code here:

We Love Litter-Robot Open Air!
We have many contact Snazzy Sphynx Cattery for our Sphynx when they need a pet that can provide emotional support. Some even have them certified to be National Service Animal Registry support animal.

Our Sphynx have been very beneficial to those suffering from sever PTS, ADDH, Mental Health issues and the list goes on.

Our customers find comfort in their Snazzy Sphynx. Our Sphynx . make them feel safe and happy! We can't guarantee that everyone who gets a Sphynx will find complete calmness in their new pet but they find a pet that adds more comfort and love to their daily lives. We take great pleasure in trying to find that special Sphynx to help meet your emotional well being.
 Snazzy Sphynx Emotional Support